Beta Programs

The program allows you to become a part of the beta planning process and be among the first to receive new updates on beta releases.
We are very interested to hear your feedback related to the beta plan, as this will help us to make stronger and more stable products.
We'd like to thank you for your interest in helping SafeNet, create a better Beta Program.

Benefits to You

By participating in SafeNet’s Beta Program, you will:

  • Gain early access to new products and get a head-start on new technology that can create a competitive advantage for your company.
  • Get the opportunity to contribute to the design of future releases of SafeNet’s products.
  • Have a direct impact on our product development.

For more details please contact us

Future Beta Releases


ProtectV Beta Program 


The process

Every feedback comment will be documented and evaluated.
The communication will be with Sales Engineers only. Any feedback should be sent as any other support case to the support team via the Sales Engineer.

Please contact the support at or log in to the C3 partner portal. It is very important to mention in the subject line that the comment is for the Product Name Beta Plan so the ticket will be escalated immediately .

To allow resolution of the critical issues in the GA release we will appreciate a fast response in the first 2 weeks of the beta.