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Luna Identity Server - Product Brief

O Servidor de Identidade Luna combina os atributos de um HSM tradicional melhorado para armazenagem em grande escala com a funcionalidade do aplicativo do servidor em uma única aplicação integrada. Utilizando um HSM e armazenagem de arquivo encriptado, o aplicativo fornece um alto nível de segurança, grande capacidade de reposição de perfis de identidade e informações de credenciais. O HSM pode também ser utilizado para realizar operações criptografadas associadas com o perfil do usuário final. 

MobilePASS - Product Brief

1 Benefits enables secure deployment of • online services facilitates compliance with • privacy regulations convenient, simple and easy • to use cost effective to deploy, • manage and control no additional hardware to carry • around or risk losing compliments SafeNets broad • range of OTP and certificatebaase authentic

Luna PCI 5.0 - Product Brief

The Luna PCI 5.0 is the fastest and most secure cryptographic accelerator card in the industry and is widely used by major governments, fi nancial institutions, and large enterprises for data, applications, and digital identities to reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance.

eToken Virtual Smartcard - Product Brief

1 Benefits Benefit from the increased • security of two-factor authentication without an additional hardware device Enjoy low TCO and save on • hardware token deployment Avoid the downtime and risk • of misplaced, stolen or broken physical authenticators Easily manage, distribute, • deploy and recover virtual authentic

Luna G5 - Product Brief

Background In todays digital world, cryptographic keys protect the most confidential data of enterprises, banks and governments. The keys themselves must be strongly protected to ensure their secrecy and authenticity so that information passing through the online infrastructure is not exposed to unauthorized parties. P

eToken NG-OTP - Product Brief

PRODUCT BRIEF eToken NG-OTP Authentication Core Benefits supports both OTP and certificate-• based strong authentication on the same token supports multiple security • applications on a single authenticator allowing you to meet a range of access needs with a single authentication solution delivers robust support to cur

eToken NG-FLASH Anywhere - Product Brief

1 Benefits The simplicity and ease of use • of clientless certificate-based authentication that requires only a USB port and Internet connection The convenience of mobile • computing that comes with clientless remote access and secure portable storage The portability of being able to • securely store applications and d

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