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eBanking Best Practices - White Paper

As attacks targeting corporate online banking (eBanking) applications grow more sophisticated and more frequent, financial institutions need to strengthen their defenses. This paper uncovers the key strategies that banks can employ in order to effectively and efficiently combat today’s threats, and ensure identity and transaction security in eBanking.

Top 10 Things to Know about SMS - White Paper

white paper SMS authentication: 10 Things to Know—Before You Buywhite paper SMS authentication Introduction Delivering instant remote access is no longer just about remote employees. its about enabling customers to perform online transactions, mobile sales reps to access erp applications, outsourced call centers to sha

Fighting eBanking Fraud/Preventing MITB and MITB Attacks - White Paper

To meet their risk management, compliance, and business objectives, financial services institutions must have a clear understanding of the critical security threats that exist today—and the most effective strategies for addressing them. This paper reveals the main threats confronting financial institutions’ e-banking services, and discusses some of the key strategies for establishing a defense ecosystem that delivers the requisite levels of security to guard against fraud.

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