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Considerations for Preventing Software Piracy

Software piracy occurs when people copy, sell, share, or distribute software illegally. It can vary from a limited case of installation of a single-user license on multiple computers to a more chronic problem of widespread online distribution. Regardless of the rationale or delivery method, it is still software piracy.

Although most computer users today are aware that unauthorized use and duplication of software is illegal, many show a general disregard for the importance of treating software as valuable intellectual property: Over half of the world’s personal computer users — 57 percent — admit to pirating software. Thirty-one percent say they do it “all of the time,” “most of the time,” or “occasionally,” and another 26 percent admit to having stolen software, but only “rarely.” These are among the findings of a survey of nearly 15,000 computer users across 33 countries conducted as part of the ninth annual BSA Global Software Piracy Study.

According to the BSA (Business Software Alliance) and IDC 6th Annual Global Software Piracy Study, the retail value of unlicensed software — representing revenue “losses” to software companies — broke the $50 billion level for the first time in 2008. Worldwide losses grew by 11 percent to $53 billion. Excluding the effect of exchange rates, losses grew by 5 percent to $50.2 billion.

Software Protection – Piracy Protection Considerations

  • Cost and strength — When considering anti piracy protection, cost and overall strength of the solution are important elements to analyze.
  • Total development time — The time required to implement your anti-piracy solutions is also important. Anti-piracy technology is frequently implemented at the end of the development cycle, when time to market is limited.
  • Geographic location — Vendors must also consider the geographic location for software sales. If an application is to be sold into a region with exceptionally high software piracy rates, it may be worthwhile to incorporate maximum anti-piracy software protection. SafeNet software protection solutions enable you to easily alter the levels of security at fulfillment time without requiring any development change.
  • Available resources - Finally, total resources available must be considered to ensure developers are available to add the desired protection.


SafeNet's Software Protection Solutions are ideal for anti-piracy software protection. SafeNet's dynamic software license management solutions are available with varying degrees of security and transparency. Flexible technology is designed to easily integrate with your software package, either with the Sentinel API or by wrapping with the Sentinel Shell - or both.

In addition, SafeNet Software Monetization Professional Services are available to assist you with your customized anti-piracy software implementation

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